lanya g. (lanyatheana) wrote in vegancooking,
lanya g.

Potato Waffles? Recipe request

My bf loves waffles. He went on a waffle kick a couple months back that led to a (very difficult to clean) waffle maker to sit on my countertop, because he was waffled out. Now he realized, there are savory waffles. Particularly striking his fancy: potato waffles.

I grew up with tato pancakes and applesauce, but I'm a polack/germywormy. xD He's never had either. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to make a potato mixture that's vegan and will go into my waffle maker. I wanted to just try mashed potatoes mixed with a little veg oil and rice milk, but I dun even know if that'll do or not. 

Any ideas or suggestions? I don't use egg replacers except flax, so most of the recipes I found online don't fly. :(
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