prison shank vs cheeseburger (miss_bontemps) wrote in vegancooking,
prison shank vs cheeseburger

buttermilk, soygurt, sour cream

I was making banana bread last night, and it calls for soy buttermilk, which I made by adding cider vinegar to soy milk. I left it for longer than I usually do (I forgot to turn on the oven) and when I went back to it, I found it really thick like sour cream or yogurt.

Dumped it into my recipe without really thinking about, baked my yummy banana bread.

But a thought occurred to me afterward. I ignore a number of recipes because they call for sour cream or yogurt (vegan versions). I don't like the idea of buying a container of either just to use a half cup for a recipe. Nor do I like the taste of vegan yogurt (so bean-y).

Has anyone just forgone using these items in favour of vegan buttermilk of varying thickness? This instead of sour cream for a topping, or in a stroganoff? This instead of yogurt for baking?
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