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Cupcake recipe comparison

I'm going to be making cupcakes for my boyfriend's birthday tomorrow, and unfortunately I don't have time to experiment with different recipes to see which is best. I'm no baking wiz, so I'm hoping that someone here is.

I have been looking at 2 different recipes for White Russian Cupcakes, and I was hoping someone might be able to tell me how they will differ (texture, flavour, etc) so I can hopefully figure out which one matches my... desires? You know what I mean.

Recipe 1 ------------------ Recipe 2
1/2c milk ---------------- 1/2c milk
1/2ts white vin. ----- 1ts apple cider vin.
1 1/4c flour ------------ 1 1/4c flour
2Tb Kahlua -------------- 1/2c Kahlua
1Tb cornstarch --------- 2Tb cornstarch
1/4ts baking powder ----- 3/4ts b. powder
1/4ts b. soda ----------- 1/2ts b. soda
1/4ts salt --------------- 1/2ts salt
3Tb oil ------------------- 1/3c oil
1/4c +1Tb sugar ---------- 3/4c sugar
1/2ts vanilla ----------- 2ts vanilla

Recipe 2 calls for drizzling a vodka/kahlua combo on top of each baked cupcake while cooling.

bake both for 20min at 350

Obviously Recipe 2 will be more Kahlua-y, but what else? Are the other differences small enough that I won't notice much? Will white vinegar give me different results than apple cider vinegar?
And I will be baking these tonight and eating them tomorrow night - they should be fine in the freezer, right? Will the drizzling of Recipe 2 make them too soggy if left that long?

Here is the link for recipe 1 :
And recipe 2 :

Any help/suggestions/ideas are much appreciated!
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