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Quick and simple foods, and is egg neccessary for joints?

Hi guys, I browsed the tags a little for recipes, but I wonder if you had any ideas. I've got two questions.

1) I've recently been diagnosed with sciatica (back problems in short) and put on bed rest, this kinda works, but since I live as a student in halls, I'm effectively living on my own so it's impossible to be on straight up bedrest. I've just about managed to get someone to go to the supermarket for me, but they are pretty useless at buying anything short of ready meals so I'm worried about them purchasing all the stuff I would normally buy. They definietly won't go to a health food shop for me. Plus, there's no one here who could cook for me, so I still have to do all my own cooking.

So what I need is quick, easy (and preferably inexpensive) meals that a cooking-phobic omni could purchase the ingrediants in a supermarket for and that I could whip up without needing to spend too much time in the kitchen on my feet. If it helps, the guys in my flat are nice and respectful of me being vegan so things can be left cooking in the kitchen on their own if the preperation time is short but it needs to cook for a while. We have all the basic equipment, hot plates, oven, microwave, toaster, and I have a sandwhich toaster and blender.

I'm struggling for meals because usually I eat a lot of soups and pastas - I'm not a big fan of the texture of veg so I tend to blend it all up in a soup a lot. But I'm running out of things I can make easily.

2) With my sciatica I'm getting very, very clicky joints. It's not painful, as such, but whenever I move there's a loud enough click that the people around me are hearing it. A friend of my mums (an ex-vegan) told her that apparently egg has something to do with preventing the joints from clicking? She had the same problem and had to start eating egg. I discussed this with my doctor and she was pretty clueless, basically told me that in her personal opinion veganism was restrictive, but that I look healthy enough (sciatica aside) so she had no professional opinion. Any truth to it? Anything else I can eat because I really don't want to start eating egg. Knowing my medication isn't vegan is driving me crazy enough.

Thanks. :)
Tags: -health, -veganism on a budget, dorm-cooking, easy-recipes
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