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Okara Omelettes

Last weekend, we made omelettes out of okara - the fibrous pulp left over after processing soy into tofu. I get it for free from my local Korean grocer, and I've been wanting to use it in various recipes for a while. It didn't bind as well as I would have liked; I tried putting a psyllium husk egg in, and I tried almond milk. I didn't use breadcrumbs (wanted to keep this gluten-free) but am thinking that maybe next time I might try using silken tofu as well. Any other ideas?

I combined a good amount of okara (two cups, maybe?) with, approximately:
2 tbsp dijon mustard
2 tbsp miso, made into a paste with some hot water
Dry mustard
Green onion
Nutritional yeast
2 psyllium husk "eggs"
1/4c unsweetened almond milk

Mixed all this up and let it sit for a little while so the okara could absorb the flavours. I probably put some other things in too. I'm a use-everything-in-the-fridge kind of cook.

We fried it up in hot oil on both sides until crisp, and then very, very carefully transfered each omelette to a baking pan. We filled them with sauteed veggies, folded them over, topped them with "Daiya" cheddar, and baked them.

I made a sauce out of goddess dressing and chili garlic to put overtop - no matter how much flavour I give the okara, it always seems a bit bland.

They didn't look very pretty but they were definitely delicious. Not entirely a success. I'd love some tips on new approaches to try with these!
Tags: beans-soybeans/okara, breakfast foods-egg-like breakfasts, omlettes, substitutes-eggs-for omlettes
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