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Supper Yummy East meets South Saute

It's two days before I get paid again so dinner is the use up the odds and ends.

1 bunch or to taste spinach, washed
1 field roast chipolte sausage, diced
1 large handful craisons
1 large handful sliced almonds
1 bowl of 'chicken' ginger rice
salt to taste
good shake of stir-fry seasoning, optional

Get a no stick pan or wok hot over medium heat
put in a dollop of oil

When pan and oil are hot - throw in diced sausage. Saute for a minute or so - just as the sausage starts to get a little crispy. toss in the craisons, give a couple of stirs, throw in the almonds and stir for a few times.

Toss spinach on top. If you pan is pretty dry and your spinach not so wet - pour a little water (or tea) into the pan to get that steam going.

Keep tossing your saute - getting the spinach your favorite sort of wilted.

Heat up your rice - toss saute on top and eat!

This was so tasty - I might use up the last of my spinach and rice to make again tomorrow night!
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