SuperMonkey and the Spatula of Doom (seamonkey) wrote in vegancooking,
SuperMonkey and the Spatula of Doom

rice cookers, fancy rice, and smoked tempeh in the crock pot

Can anyone recommend a smaller rice cooker that is of decent quality? My parents seem to go through these fairly quickly, though that could be because my dad has a tendency to set them on fire. I'm looking for around a 3 cup one.

I'm craving white beans so hard right now and I finally have a crock pot again to make them. And whole foods FINALLY started carrying smoked tempeh again.

I want to branch out with my rice. Before i was eating my beans with instant brown rice, but I want something with more flavor and it a little bit better for me. Can anyone recommend a good rice with lots of flavor and decent nutrition?

Also, I had a question about doing the white beans with the tempeh in the crock pot. I usually do my beans for 8 hours on low. When would I add the tempeh so that I still get the flavor without making the tempeh soggy? I have problems making split pea barley soup because i never know when to put the barley in and it winds up being really thick (but still good)
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