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You can call me Edith

So. Many. Root vegetables.

Ok, the start of a winter farm share has coincided with an existing stockpile of vegetables, and I'm feeling overwhelmed and underinspired. I'm sure some of this will wind up simply roasted or made into some sort of soup, but I'd like some other ideas (especially since I'll have 9 more weeks' worth of similar ingredients to deal with), or at the very least, favorite marinades or soup recipes to get me out of my ruts.

Here's what I need to use:

Cabbage (medium head)
3 lb. carrots
Beets (several medium red)
Yellow onions (3 large)
Red onions (2 med)
Sunchokes (2 large)
Rutabagas (4 small)
Yucca (1 medium)
Chinese long beans (good-size bunch)
2 Lemons

I'm pretty darn well stocked with things like beans, tempeh, grains, pasta, garlic, canned tomatoes, spices, etc., and I can buy whatever I need as long as it doesn't leave me with more vegetables to use (like a bunch of celery).

*** Bonus points for things that create minimal dirty dishes, since my kitchen drain is broken and washing dishes will be a pain for the next couple weeks. ***

*** Bonus points also for things I can make and then freeze for quick lunches ***

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