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How to cook shiitake mushrooms in miso soup?

Hello all. :) I'm new to the community. I want to learn how to cook and want to experiment with different foods and cuisines. All though I am not a vegetarian myself (I'm contemplating it) I have a little sis who is - who I would like to see have more variety in her diet... she is incredibly picky.

Onto my question...
I want to attempt to make traditional miso soup. I want to use dried shiitake mushrooms instead of bonito to make the dashi, but I am at a loss for how to prepare it.
Do I have to let them soak first and then add them after I have finished with the kombu? Or can I add them to the pot without soaking first? And how long does it take to cook the mushrooms in miso anyway?
Sorry, for so many questions but I am truly a cooking n00b.
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