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Chedder Daiya, homemade pasta

Several things:
1. I just bought a small container of cheddar Daiya "cheese" and am looking for suggestions. I haven't had cheese in four years and feel strange about it - it usually grosses me out but occasionally I find myself thinking about how tasty a grilled cheese sammich would be. That being said I want to kind of ease myself into this whole fake cheese thing ie initially make dishes with small amounts of daiya. that means no mac n cheese, pizza, etc recipes, kids. I'm thinking about doing the obvious stuff like putting it in baked potatoes and on chips for nachos but would like some other ideas. Nothing that is very creamy please.

2. Has anyone tried the mock Parmesan shakey cheese that comes in a little bottle? I've seen it in Whole Foods but don't want to spend the money unless it's tasty. I don't remember the brand but it has a windmill on the label?

3. I bought my boyfriend a pasta maker. Anyone have any yummy homemade pasta recipes? We've found some standard ones, like for making linguine and such, that don't have egg, but are looking for yummy ravioli combination and stuff. Anything that can be eaten with Trader Joe's Meatless Meatballs is a plus. He made us a really good dish from Vegan Italiano that's basically just pasta, bread crumbs, olive oil, garlic, and lemon, so if you like pasta I highly recommend getting both a pasta maker and the cookbook.

4. Wasn't sure how to tag this, but I've having intestinal surgery in a few weeks and need to make a quick recovery. I'll obviously ask my doctor about what foods are easy on healing intestines, but if any of you guys have any ideas let me know.
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