greystar10 (greystar10) wrote in vegancooking,

A few questions about "Eat to Live"

Just a while ago, I posted here about book recommendations and got a good amount for "Eat to Live". Since then, I got and (nearly) finished the book and have a few questions for those of you who read/follow it. First, he doesn't really speak too highly of whole wheat bread which surprised me. In the FAQ's he actually mentions not eating bread at all. I thought grains were pretty important...and I LOVE WW bread! :) (Same goes for sweet potatoes, which I always thought were healthy).

Also, those of you that follow this (or eat very healthy), do you still eat things in moderation? My sister seems to think that if you eat healthy, that means you *never* eat a cookie. lol. She wants to eat healthfully, but is too afraid of abandoning everything she's used to I think.

Tags: -eat to live, -vegan-dieting
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