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packed lunch ideas please!

So, I'm in SIngapore for exchange. It's a great place and has quite a bit of vegan food available when you want to eat out. 

However, I have issues with lunches. 
1) People do not seem to have the habit of packing and bringing their own lunches. But I feel like I should as spending $2-3 on lunch each day is kinda expensive in the long run.
2) I live about 45 minutes away from school, so I need to take travelling time into consideration when I pack my lunch. It's about 30+ degrees celcius (90+ fahrenheit) every day here!  
3) There isn't anything to heat my lunch with at school. Neither is there a fridge though my classroom is air-conditioned (but there's still the second point to consider)

So basically, I'm hoping someone can help me with lunch ideas that'll travel well for about an hour in the sun/heat. That tastes good room-temperature. is NOT a salad! (though this is mainly because I want people to see that vegans eat more than just salads) does not look 'gross' (i love one-pot-meals. But sometimes they look really gross when put together =p ). and is preferably not a sandwich. NOT fake meats/tempeh/seitan because either i can't find them or they're too expensive. (unless someone from Singapore can tell me where to find tempeh/seitan!) 

As of late, I've been packing lots of wraps and sandwiches with some of these things: nut/seed butters, apples, banana, baked tofu, pumpkin slices, grilled peppers. In the meantime, I'm searching for an insulated lunchbox so I can pack pasta salads to eat as it'll be nice to have some cold(er) food to eat in that heat. 

Also, I have about 20 leaves of basil in the house. Any ideas what I can do with them? thanks! 
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