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So, my fiancee and I are getting married in a few months, and being the adventurous culinary student I am, I decided that I'd make truffles to give as favors.

Only thing is, the last time I made truffles was before I went vegan.

I wonder if anyone here has successfully made chocolate truffles using vegan ingredients, and if so, what you used. I'm mostly worried about finding a proper substitite for the heavy cream. I know that there are soy creamers out there, but I've never used them so I have no idea which ones are fully vegan, and how they compare to heavy cream in regards to fat content.

Advice, info, tips & tricks greatly welcome. I know the process involved, but this will be the first time I've done it without help from an instructor.

Oh yeah - I'll be making approx. 300 truffles, in three different flavors. Wish me luck!
Tags: desserts-truffles, substitutes-dairy-cream/condensed milk
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