angel monster (malloreigh) wrote in vegancooking,
angel monster

nut butter cups

i'm sure some of you have thought of this before, but in case you crave peanut butter cups and haven't had this "ah!" lightbulb moment, here is my INCREDIBLY simple recipe for homemade nut butter cups.

you will need:
one or more silicon ice cube trays - i use the heart shaped ones from ikea. the simpler the shape, the more successful you will be.
dark chocolate or chocolate chips
nut butter

melt the chocolate in a double boiler, or in a bowl/pot over boiling water, or in the microwave if that's how you roll. if you want a milkier, meltier chocolate, you can add rice or almond or coconut milk at this point. whisk it in and get it nice and creamy.

put a layer of chocolate at the bottom of the ice cube cup. spoon a little bit of nut butter. top it up with more chocolate.

you can now freeze these, or simply let them cool and harden. delicious. once they are hardened, you can pop them out of the silicon tray easily.

Tags: comfort food, desserts-candy-chocolate&peanut butter, nuts-nut butters
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