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Suggestions for meals in Japan?

I live in Vancouver but am in Japan for a month, accompanying my fiance who is here for work. I'm pulling the housewife thing and as such the cooking is kind of my job right now. Which is fine when we're home in Canada but... y'know, travel.

We're in a house that his work has rented, it's got some basic kitchenware and we can put some stuff on the expense form too. No blender or spice grinder, so it's ok that we forgot our flax, but we forgot our egg replacer powder too.

So, any favourite baked good recipes that don't need much in the way of fancy egg replacing stuff?

Also I'd love some suggestions for dinners. For tonight I've got a potato leek broccoli soup going already, tomorrow is yakiudon with shiitakes, cabbage, yellow pepper and tofu because we bought tofu and I only just remembered that it really should be used right away, and the days after will be tomato + eggplant sauce on spaghetti, and a corn chowder with acorn squash, red peppers, and guacamole. I'd really wanted to do some ratatouille (we had it several times last summer when we were here before) but zucchini's not in our grocery store right now. Produce seems to be really expensive and seasonal here - surprise surprise, it's hard to get stuff to an island nation.

My default "easy dinner" is usually soup but the only broths we can find are either fish or seaweed, and I really don't want everything to taste like seaweed. Tonight I'm making my own stock with a couple carrots, some garlic, onions, shiitake mushroom stems, and leek trimmings but I don't know that I'll have the time/patience/ingredients every time what with the cost of produce. I already know I'll miss the celery flavour but that ess was like 98 yen (approx $1 Cdn I guess) per stalk. Not bunch, stalk. Hence, needing ideas, because I sure can't do soup every day.

And if anybody knows what kanji I should be looking for to find a vegan onigiri, I'd love that. I can't read a thing and my fiance reads kana only. I'm omni so so far I take a bite first and let him know if it's something he can eat but that's really annoying.

Aaaaaaaaand all the bread has milk products in it (milk being one of the few kanji he DOES recognize) so I'm going to have to bake bread. Does anybody have a simple recipe?

OK to recap, I'm looking for a) baked goods recipes that don't need eggs or egg replacers, or can be great with just mashed banana, b) meal ideas, c) how to find vegan onigiri, d) simple bread recipes that I can't eff up.

Thanks anybody who can help!
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