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apple cake

It's my room-mate's birthday at the weekend and I want to make her a cake. Thing is, she's not so crazy about the sorts of cake I like and have most experience with making (chocolate!). She is, however, a big fan of fruit - fresh/cooked/etc. Her absolutely favourite thing I make is apple/fruit crumble. I would make that but it doesn't seem ceremonial enough for a birthday so I want to make some sort of cake - I'm thinking something along those lines though. Maybe a tarte tatin or another kind of apple cake? I have The Joy of Vegan Baking and a bunch of other books that have a few suitable looking recipes but I am quite wary of making something for the first time that needs to be perfect (that always spells disaster!) so I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations of recipes they have made themselves and would recommend.

The only problem with the tarte tatin idea is that I don't have a proper skillet at my place - I have a large and a small frying pan and various cake-tins though.

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