maira (dannytamberelli) wrote in vegancooking,

Stuff I can make one-handed?

So, this request sounds kind of silly to me and probably to you, but I am looking for easy recipes that can be made one-handed or just don't require a lot of effort to put together, things that can be made fairly quickly, or filling stuff that can be frozen and thawed later. The reason I ask is, I'm having shoulder surgery next week, and my mom brought up the point that I probably won't be able to cook for myself for awhile (I tried using the can opener one-handed with limited success). I'd rather not live off of Amy's burritos for the next month or so. I'm able to freeze stuff, so making a bunch of portions and then freezing it for later is an option, but we've got limited space in the freezer at the moment.

Mods, sorry if I've tagged this wrong!
Tags: -health-disability, easy-recipes, one-pot meals, quick-meals
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