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Indulgent foods + Best Soups

So hi, some of you might remember I made a post in January because I had back problems and couldn't cook my own food. Well, another month of agony, 3 hours of emergency surgery and some majorly shitty hospital food later (I was given tuna salad as the 'vegan' option on THREE seperate occasions), I've had a disk removed and the back problems have been resolved! Yay!

I'm now at home recovering with my parents, and here's the thing, I don't have to pay for my food anymore, so the frugal student aspect of my diet can go out of the window for a litle bit. So what I want is a) your most indulgent foods ever, the foods you adore but cost a bit more than the average meal. I always see these types of recipes around but I can never justify the cost just for experimentation.

And b) soups. Mum will be going back to work before I'm fully recovered so we'll be freezing a lot of soups and I'll be living off them for lunch every day for about 3 weeks. So far our list covers, leek & sweet potato, carrot bisque (from Vegan with Vengence), carrot & corriander and carrot & potato. I'll pretty much chuck anything in a saucepan and make a soup from it, but what are your favourite kinds?
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