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Help for a dinner recipe

I have some wonderful veggies in my fridge that are currently rotting. They're basically left-overs from past recipes, and since I've just been eating the leftovers from my meals, I keep forgetting about them. But I've been on a real good kick eating healthy meals (not just spaghetti and frozen dinners) so I want to keep that going.

I have:
red, green and yellow peppers, cut into strips
mushrooms (just the regular ones - I don't know which kind specifically)
steamed broccoli

I also have: fresh pineapple, carrots, rice, those thick asian-style noodles that cook in like three minutes, quinoa, etc. (the basic staples)

I had thought about making a nice stir with a coconut peanut sauce and those thick noodles(I made one awhile ago and absolutely loved it!) but I didn't think the mushrooms would go all that well with it.

So one recipe would be fantastic, two or three would also be wonderful! Thank you all so much!!
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