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Help with diabetic recipes

I know I just posted yesterday, but I need more help! (And all the recipe suggestions were wonderful, thank you!!, and I can't wait to get rid of all my leftovers tomorrow!)

So if you remember, this Christmas I did the Harry Potter themed Secret Santa. Well, one of my coworkers in particular absolutely loved the idea, and her birthday is next week. I really want to make her something special, but I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas because she is diabetic. I have loved talking to her about what she can and can't eat (I love that there's someone else at my work that eats differently!) and I have learned a lot about diabetes. Plus, she's never made fun of me being vegan, other than the good-old-fashioned stuff. So she deserves a birthday treat.

The great thing is that she loves dark chocolate. The darker the better apparently. Which is perfect for vegan desserts. She also loves mint and peanut butter with chocolate. I thought for a fleeting moment about making more peppermint patties or peanut butter cups, but it was a very fleeting moment and I started having heart palpitations and panic attacks and all that. That's definitely a once-a-year undertaking. She also told me that with the new insulin that she's on she can have normal flour.

So any ideas? I poked around online but the only sites that I saw that looked trustable didn't really have anything, and I don't know how to work with regular recipes, dealing with the sugar and all.

Thanks again!!
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