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chickpea flotsam

Two days until I move apartments, and I'm cooking everything in my cupboards. Tonight's target is a large quantity of dry chickpeas that, now soaked, looks to be about seven cups of love in all. And I'm hovering over the stove, right, frantically scooping off all of that monstrous looking foamy scuzz that rises up every couple of minutes and I'm thinking geez, this is pretty Sisyphean, this chickpea-boiling foam-spooning panic attack. A quick google tells me that the foam (it turns out) is feisty chickpea protein trying to escape and that a spot of olive oil in the water will tame that stuff right back. It totally worked! I am liberated! And also I feel silly. Anybody else know about this trick? It's pretty great, lemmetellya.

What other little tricks do you know about cooking certain things up from scratch? That, aside from some very specific googling, you'd only really know if your grandma taught you?

Also.. soon I'll have exactly one kilotonne of cooked chickpeas. I'm making channa masala, hummus, and chickpea-seitan sausages out of them. What else would you make if you had 'em in an embarassingly high quantity?
Tags: beans-chickpeas/garbanzo-beans, beans-dried vs cooked
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