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savoury french toast

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I know, this looks and sounds kind of… questionable. But really, it’s f’in amazing. See, what happened was that we woke up and wanted french toast, but we didn’t have any bread. What we did have was a bunch of pizza crust that I was steadily eating the toppings off of. Perfect!

4 pieces bread, or topping-less pizza crust, cut into strips - if your bread is fresh, leave it out for a bit or toast it. It works better if it’s tough. Herbed bread would be great for this.
1.5 cups unsweetened, unflavoured almond/soy/rice/whatever milk
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
1 tbsp soya sauce or tamari
1/4 cup tahini
1 vegan egg - EnerG or flax or psyllium husk, or some silken tofu
Maybe some miso, as well, made into a paste, if you have it
Salt, pepper, other spices you like

Whisk all this together til it’s creamy and soak your bread in it for 5 minutes. Or more. Whatevs.

Heat up some oil or margarine in a skillet - add onion if you like. Fry the bread til it’s golden brown on both sides.

Heat up the rest of your marinade/creamy stuff in a skillet. Simmer til thick.

Sautee some vegetables or make a tofu scramble to top your toast with.

Serve with veg/scram on top, covered with the gravy you just made out of your marinade.

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