munzi (princess_marcus) wrote in vegancooking,

Cooking up some gifts

Hey there!

Several folks in my life have written me some awesome recommendations for grad school and jobs and I'm looking to say thank you. I asked a friend what she did and she said she's making homemade fudge. I recently made some killer granola and thought about trying to make more and wrap it up pretty, but I'm wondering if that's not exciting/fancy enough. Then I thought maybe trying to do biscotti. But I'm not so sure since I've never done it.

So I turn to you brilliant people to help me find a great recipe for a homemade gift which:
-pleases omni people
-is portable and has a decent shelf life
-is relatively affordable
-something fancy like, but is in reality fairly simple.

I searched the tags and didn't find much, but if anyone thinks they've seen a helpful post that I've missed that would be great.

Tags: -gifts, -travelling with food, desserts-biscotti, foods that non-vegans would like
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