harvestl (harvestl) wrote in vegancooking,

Chocolate Stout recipe from VCTOTW

Both my county and city libraries are out of the VCTOTW cookbook. I mean, who knew? It's salt lake cuty for cryin' out loud. But apparently there is a chocolate stout cupcake recipe in there? I plan on making those exact cupcakes tomorrow (partly why I chose to take the afternoon off) but I had no idea Isa had a recipe for those - I have just been veganising a recipe for the past couple years. The problem with those is they always tend to end up a bit mushy, I guess woule be the word.

So I would love to try an actual true-blue vegan recipe. Could I please beg someone to tell me the recipe? I want to take them into work and wow all my co-workers with them (cause what's better for childcare workers than booze and chocolate, right?) and I even found local vegan stout beers!

Please Please Help!!
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