cantankerous (misledyouth00) wrote in vegancooking,

Recipe Fail!?

So Pepperridge Farms used to make this amazing amazing thing that was a puff pastry circular pastry thing stuffed with broccoli and cheese sauce that I used to love in my pre-gan days. I'm in love with Daiya cheese and have found it makes my favorite fake cheese sauce. So I thought omg! this + broccoli + puff pastry = AMAZING RECREATION FROM MY CHILDHOOD!

Only it didn't work like that. I made little tarts, I made my cheese sauce, I steamed some broccoli and I added all of that together, baked at 350 for roughly about 20 minutes faux cheese sauce disappeared! All that's left inside is steamed broccoli.
Does anyone have any idea what the heck happened? And how I could try again? It seemed so simple! It doesn't even taste like it soaked it up and the ones where I put a lot in there just seemed to have leaked out the sides, no matter how tightly I sealed them.

They taste alright but bland on their own so I dipped them in the leftover cheese sauce and its better but not the amazingness I dreamed of. Help!

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