nicu (pour_vrai) wrote in vegancooking,

nailing down that irish cream flavor

I'd like to make stout-whiskey-Irish cream cupcakes (based on the car bomb cocktail, apologies if that term offends). Got the chocolate stout cake recipe, got me a bottle of Jameson, and now I'm a bit stuck as to how to formulate the Irish cream frosting. (Well, the frosting itself won't be hard, just a buttercream, but the *flavor* is eluding me.)

Homemade Bailey's recipes include creamy stuff (obvs), sweet stuff (brown sugar?), whiskey, almond and coffee flavors. Some descriptions mention buttery/toffee and chocolate notes as well. Most of this I can work with but I want to approximate the real flavor as closely as possible. Irish cream syrup is easy to find but IMHO unremarkable, and for now I'd prefer not to buy any of the vegan flavorings sold online.

Could whip up a batch of veg Bailey's (without the coconut milk every veg recipe seems to mention) and just use a bit of that in the frosting, but I also swear I've seen a recipe for Irish cream frosting that used whiskey, etc in lieu of the liqueur itself. Can't track it down, though. (Is it in VCTOTW?) I know what Irish cream tastes like, but I don't know what it tastes like! Suggestions?

(EDIT: Just for future reference, since we are past Silk Nog season - I bet the nog, with that sorta eggy rich flavor, would make a great base for homemade Bailey's.)
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