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Wine Pairing for Mushroom Pasta

I am helping a friend learn how to cook, and tomorrow night's lesson is mushroom pasta, with peach cobbler for dessert (and probably bruschetta to start). I need a wine to go with it. He prefers white wine (just because it's what he's used to) and I despise white wine, plus in my mind mushroom pasta just goes with a red wine, not a white. White wine doesn't make sense to me with mushrooms. Now I could just go to the wine store and look and look at which red wines are more fruity (the term he used for what kind of wine he wants) but I don't know which companies are vegan-friendly. So, do you guys have a preferred red wine that's a bit more mellow that would go nicely with a mushroom pasta?

I had one pasta recipe that he was going to use that called for vegan cream cheese to make it creamy, but since I don't think I've tried that one I was going to use the recipe from mediterranean vegan kitchen instead, but I just remembered that it's a tomato sauce. I remember it being a really good sauce, but do any of you have mushroom sauces that you know and love? I want to make sure his cooking experiences are good and that he can learn that he can make food taht he really likes - last week's rice experience did not go too well. . .
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