lolaferocious (lolaferocious) wrote in vegancooking,

Tim Burton Themed Party Snacks!

Hi guys,
So I am having a Tim Burton themed dress up party for my birthday in a couple of weeks, and I wanna go all out with the decorations, and the food. But I'm having a bit of a mental blank thinking of ideas!
All I can think of is some biscuits and/or cake with icing saying 'Eat Me' and little tags to go around glasses saying 'Drink Me', and I'm going to look at Willy Wonka for ideas for some more sweets.
But I want to try to make food reminiscent of some of his original movies, not just remakes, and I also need some savoury ideas.

So, show me your collective creative food genius! (Pretty please?)
Tags: -theme parties
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