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Bloody Mary and Avacado Toast starter

'm usually averse to describing food as 'fun', but this was a great fun starter. Really fresh but deep a delicious. It's like a bruschetta with a Bloody Mary shot on the side, but the flavours worked really well together. It's really simple, but just in case you hadn't thought of this combo before I'll post how I made it.

1 avocado
½ red onion , very finely sliced
1 tomato , diced
½ lemon
8 thin slices from a long, skinny baguette , toasted

500ml tomato juice
¼ tsp celery salt
1 tsp horseradish sauce
4 tbsp vodka
Tabasco sauce
Vegan Worcestershire sauce
½ lemon , juiced

Mix together all the Bloody Mary ingredients and season, adding Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice to taste. Chill.
Peel and finely dice the avocado, mix with the red onion and tomato and a squeeze of lemon juice and season well. Pile the avocado onto the baguette toasts. Serve a shot glass of Bloody Mary (give it a quick stir before you serve it) with two toasts on the side.

I would never have thought of serving a Bloody Mary with a starter but it really worked :D

(It's a BBC recipe from an old magazine)
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