Chris Lawless (skahaha) wrote in vegancooking,
Chris Lawless

Carmelized onion-scented house.

Hey everyone, a quick question on caramelizing onions, or rather dealing with the aftermath. While I think it makes the house smell amazing it does have a tendency to kind of stick to things like clothing and roommates. Actually, much to my chagrin, coming back into the house hours later the wonderful aroma becomes a bit stale. Solutions? I usually simmer some cinnamon and orange zest for an hour or so but I'm curious to know if there are other tricks (aside from candles or incense) that people use. Thanks!

P.S. I'm caramelizing two large onions at a time usually to make Lebanese mjudara when it winds up being a problem. If I'm making tomato sauce or something like that it isn't an issue.
Tags: vegetables-onions
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