a bag of insecurities (bizwac) wrote in vegancooking,
a bag of insecurities

GF menu for all-day meeting

I am doing food for a day-long co-op training day next weekend but trying to think of what to make has turned my brain to mush.

It needs to be:
gluten free
cheap (I can't stress that enough)
good served at room temp (don't have any kind of cooking appliances)
requiring minimal preparation at the time of eating
easily transportable (I will be on a bus for about an hour),
serving 10+ people (omnnis, vegetarians and vegans) for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

I have been trawling vegancooking, and going through many cookbooks but I just can't think of what to make! Most of what I think of would be shit if not warm, or aren't gluten-free. =( I was thinking sushi/rice paper rolls, maybe a gado gado type thing for lunch. Gluten-free cupcakes (but what kind!?) for a sweet. But idk.
Tags: -health-gluten free, co-ops/large volume recipes/tips
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