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unpasteurised yogurt starter in Australia

Hiya. My partner wants to make soy yogurt using an unpasteurised yogurt starter. She doesn't like the taste of the soy yogurts we can get in the supermarkets, so she wants to use the bacteria in commercial soy yogurt to make her own. The problem is that the only soy yogurts we've been able to find here are pasteurised, so they won't work as starters.

I know there are recipes for soy yogurt that don't need a yogurt starter (see tags), and she says she'll try those if she has to, but she prefers to try using either:

* vegan unpasteurised yogurt


* a vegan acidophilus or lactobacilus starter kit.

So, anyone know an Australian source of one of those please?

(I've tried the Cruelty-Free Shop and the Radical Grocery Store: in case any of you haven't heard of these wonderful places, you can read about them at http://crueltyfreeshop.com.au and http://www.radicalgrocery.com.)

Tags: -appliances-yogurt makers, -location-australia/new zealand, substitutes-dairy-yogurt
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