Gothtart (goth_tart) wrote in vegancooking,

Egg replacer BBE dates

I'm making a carrot cake for a girlfriend tomorrow and the recipe calls for commercial egg replacer (I think it's really for the texture as it's quite a heavy cake). I've just noticed that my Allergy Care egg replacer has a BBE date of 31 March - do you reckon it's still ok to use. There's no mold on it and I think it smells alright but I don't normally sniff egg replacer! The stores are closed now so I'll have to resort to baking something else if it's no good.

The only thing I can see in the ingredients that could be a bit dodgy if it's past its best is soy protein isolate. I realise best before end dates are different from "use by" and "expires end of" dates but I don't want to give either of us food poisoning!
Tags: -shelf-life of foods
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