Calligraphy Cream (Duckie) (caligraphycream) wrote in vegancooking,
Calligraphy Cream (Duckie)

Egg Subsitute question

What are some great ingredients to substitute where eggs would normally go that will act as a good binder?

I know of commercial product Egg Replacer though use it sparingly.
I've used Apple Sauce and Bananas in the past.

What else is there?

My sister was experimenting with a recipe she wanted to make vegan friendly and met disaster.

She want's to replace an egg in a recipe that uses only one egg to rise. When using commercial egg replacer it game out gritty and didn't rise at all. I suggested that perhaps she didn't use the right amount of egg replacer.

What do you folks think? I haven't tried the recipe she's attempting myself so it could have been a simple error on her part and may come out as a success next time.

She's trying to make a Vegan Chocolate Souffle

Thanks folks!
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