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Raw chocolate mousse

I'm thinking about trying this recipe for a party this weekend:


* 4 Ripe Organic Avocados
* 1 Cup of Sweetener (Agave Nectar or Evaporated Cane Juice)
* 1 Tbls of Pure Vanilla Extract
* 1 Cup of Organic Fair Trade Cocoa Powder (or Carob)

Slice each avocado open and scoop out the insides. Place the inside in a food processor or blender. Next add the sweetener, vanilla, and cocoa powder. Blend or process the mixture until fully blended. The mixture should be smooth and the color of chocolate. You can instantly serve the mousse, however we recommend you let it cool in the fridge for at least an hour. Serve in cups with fresh fruit or mint. Some of our favorite fruits we like to add are strawberries, raspberries, bananas, and sometimes pineapple! Now put your fears behind and delve into this delectable, healthy, and cooling summer dessert!


I'm all for using strange combinations of ingredients, so when I read that it had avocados in it I was immediately drawn to it. The problem is the agave nectar, which I can't find around here. I googled my way to this info:

For each cup of brown sugar replaced, use 2/3 of a cup of agave and reduce other liquids by 1/4 cup. Because the moisture content of brown sugar is higher than that of white sugar, liquids may not have to be reduced as much when substituting agave nectar.

I would however like to hear if anyone has done this sort of substitution successfully. I'm not a great baker, and have to feel for how things "should" look, so I'm wary of substitutions, normally, but avocados? Ten minutes prep? I so have to try this!

So, yes, any advice?
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