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Uses for Squash Puree

I bought a kabocha squash at the Asian market last week and have a ton of it. I pureed the leftovers and I've been putting into anything I can think of and still have some left.

I'm most proud of this concotion though.

Behold, squash, miso, tahini and tofu sandwich spread.

I don't know the exact measurements but I had experimented with a tahini-miso mixture and had a ton of that left over too. I crumbled some tofu in a bowl and added the ingredients for "eggless" egg sald - that is to say scallions, tumeric, mustard, salt and pepper. I folded that into the tahini-miso mixture and added about a 3/4 cup of squash.

It turned a startling shade of yellow, but it is absolutely delish on a whole grain roll with lettuce and tomato.

Tonight I am going to try substituting it for zucchini in a zucchini bread recipe.

I am open to any other suggestions anyone might have.
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