Visual Therapy (visual_therapy) wrote in vegancooking,
Visual Therapy

Cookbook Help

I'm looking for a vegan cookbook that:

-Uses only whole foods (nothing processed)
-Doesn't call for special powders (like nutritional yeast, etc)
-Doesn't have any baked goods in it (like brownies, muffins and cakes)

I'm trying to start eating more simple and I especially want to start making dishes with pretty much only the fruits, veggies, herbs, etc from my garden and local farms. Can anyone help me please? I've been sifting through Amazon for a while now but I can't really find much.

Edit: Should I look for macrobiotic cookbooks? Or do they use a lot of sea veggies?
Tags: -cookbooks, -growing your own foods, -locavore/eating seasonally, -simple meals, seasonal recipes-fall, seasonal recipes-spring, seasonal recipes-summer, seasonal recipes-winter
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