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Freezing Tofu!

Hi there,

I'd first like to thank everyone for all the cupcake recipes from my last post. I tried one and they were a hit, I plan on trying a bunch of them :)

I have a question about tofu. I don't often buy it because i'm not a huge fan.. partly because I'm not very creative... anyhow.. I bought a couple of flavored packages when it was on for $0.99 and froze it. It's just in a plastic package with some water in it.
(always scan the soy section.. there's often stuff marked down to $1 Yay!)

I made two stews a couple of weeks ago, one veggie for me and one beef for the BF, I took out the herb tofu and let it thaw in the fridge over night. My mom thought I should use plain so I bought some and tossed the herb bak in the freezer. My parents always told me never to freeze something twice (as in freeze, thaw and then refreeze).. I was just wondering if this was suggested for tofu aswell. I asked Mom but she has never used tofu :P

Thanks for any help!
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