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You can call me Edith

Freezer-friendly beans, please!

I've gotten in a real rut with relying heavily on soy products (mostly tempeh) for quick and easy protein. For a bunch of reasons, I'd like to replace a lot of that with different kinds of beans, prepared and then frozen to use in lunches or thaw as a component for dinners. I'm in a rut there, too, and would love some new ideas of what to do instead. Here are the criteria:

  • Must freeze well and in a compact way. I don't have room for bulky things like filled pastries and don't want to eat mealy frozen potatoes.

  • Must be tasty to eat with no more complicated prep than reheating when it's time to eat (sometimes I might add fresh ingredients, like raw tomato or avocado, but most of the time I won't have those handy and won't be organized enough in the morning to pack them properly).

  • I'm especially interested in recipes for black beans, kidney beans, chick peas, small red beans and pintos, all of which I can get at the farmers' market, locally grown, but I'm open to other types, too. I like black-eyed peas a lot and only ever make them into Hoppin' John, so different ideas for those would be great.

  • No chili, please. So burned out on chili.

  • The less soy the better, but they don't have to be soy free.

  • Both bean-focused dishes and more nutritionally balanced dishes are quite welcome.

    Thanks for any help!
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