sarah (pearllessoyster) wrote in vegancooking,

german chocolate cake?

All right, friends. I am making the cupcakes for a friend's wedding next weekend! She wants German chocolate cupcakes. I am super super excited because this is my first big-ish gig for my new baking business, plus I love this lady, etc. I already have a kick-ass German chocolate frosting recipe, so my question (as a person who's never been crazy about German chocolate cake) is thus:

What sort of a chocolate cake batter would you recommend? Specifically, is there something that traditionally distinguishes a German chocolate cake from a regular chocolate cake, aside from the icing? I've got a number of chocolate cake recipes up my sleeve, and any of them I'd be happy to use, but I pretty much want these to be the most fantastic German chocolate cupcakes anyone at this wedding has ever had. Or close, at least. So let me have it - what would you use to make a German chocolate cake?
Tags: desserts-cakes-chocolate
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