mutated_queer (mutated_queer) wrote in vegancooking,

Bread Recipe

Hi people,

I love fresh bread and recently had the good fortune to win a bread-maker. My bread is turning out quite thick, even a relatively thin slice feels like a heavy eat. I made my mum a loaf and she commented it was like a brick. So I was wondering if any of you have ideas to fix it. My current recipe is:

1 cup of warm water
2tbs of mashed potato flakes (substitute for milk powdered because I can't get soy/rice/almond powder)
2tbs of olive oil
1.5 tbs of sugar
3 cups of self raising brown flour
1.25 tsp of fast acting yeast
a dash of salt

I had a flick through the tags and the impression I'm getting is I should try one with soy milk in it but I'm VERY much on a budget so the thought of paying £1 for a liter doesn't appeal- I literally do my shopping on £5-7 a week, £1 is a big add on.  I struggle for getting slightly fancy ingredients- due to cost and access. So any ideas would be appreciated because baking isn't my strong point.

If I had to guess I'd go more yeast to make have more bubbles in it. I would try more sugar to feed the yeast but when I did that my bread was too sweet, I could counter that with more salt but I don't want bread full of salt and sugar.
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