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The Beautiful People's Club

Vegan food in Brighton&London

I'm traveling to England next week and I'm getting sooo excited about all the delicious food I will be eating. I will be staying in North Chailey (near Lewes and Haywards Heath) and traveling to Brighton often. I will also be staying in London (Manor House/Highbury area, but obviously traveling about the city)

I've been reading quarrygirl blog and taking notes on restaurants, but I was hoping to find some more suggestions!
So far, in Brighton I hope to go to VBites, Our Cornish Pasty Shop, and Red Veg. In London, I hope to get to Mango Tree, Joi Buffet, 222 Veggie Vegan, Inspiral Lounge, Manna, and Pogo Cafe.
Does anyone have anymore suggestions for food/other generally awesome things in these areas? I would particularly love any recommendations closer to North Chailey, and a super bonus would be a place to get vegan food AND delicious beer.

edit: thanks so much for all the recommendations!! It's gonna be such a delicious vacation.
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