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Accidentally Awesome Rice Breakfast

I made a fruit tray for Memorial Day and made a dip with soy yogurt, warming spices, orange zest and maple syrup. There was a ton of dip left over so I decided to make a rice salad with it. I dug out a recipe I had used before and lucky for me, most of the ingredients for the salad were in the dip and included apples, which I had left over from the fruit tray. The next moring I found to
my surprise and chagrin that the rice had absorbed most of the soy yogurt that I had used to dress the salad, so the entire dish was very dry and unappetizing.

I remembered a dish my Mom made as kid that she called rice pudding, but really all it was is rice with raisins,
cinnamon and sugar with milk poured over it. I hated but I was thinking I might be able to make something similar with the dried out rice salad. I added raisins, walnuts, maple syrup and as a final touch I poured soy milk all over it.

Voila! One hella delicious breakfast.

This is delicious cold and so a delightful breakfast on a hot summer day.

I don't have a name for my new dish but I'm open to suggestion.
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