Trish (fetishangel) wrote in vegancooking,

Let's discuss allergies... and dessert

A dear friend of mine hasn't eaten desserts in years. She has a disease (SIBO = small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), and so can't eat legumes, carbs, or sugar. Of course, this has sparked my "AHA!!! CHALLENGE!!!" mode, and I'd really, really, really love to make her something that she can enjoy that doesn't taste like cardboard. She thinks that things sweetened with dates are okay, though she's not allowed to eat high-sugar fruits like apples (so maybe dates are out?).

She's not allowed to do sugar, fructose, rice flour, potato flour, chickpea flour, but can do soy and tree nuts.

I'm putting a call out for dessert recipes fitting this terribly narrow requirement. Anyone? It would be an amazing thing!!

EDITED to add: No artificial sweeteners. Her words "bacteria loves synthetic/chemical things, too"
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