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I'm broke- I want my pantry/fridge/counters to be bare before I hit the store again. I mean scraps and wisps of food before I buy again. Here's my list of what I got-- which is a lot

Any ideas?

flour/ soy flour / corn meal/ pancake mix/corn starch/TVP/wheat gluten

Jumbo bag of basmati and white rice
2 bags brown rice, one instant

1 bag walnuts
1 bag almonds
1 container cashews
1/2 bag pumpkin seeds
handful pine nuts

1 1/2 bag plain popcorn

1 1/2 box spaghetti
5 pkg ramen
1 box penne
1 box jumbo shells
1 bag spiral noodles
pkg of rice paper wraps
rice noodles

2 loaves of bread
1 bag of seasoned croutons
1 pkg sea weed

2 jars peanut butter
1 jar jelly

1 1/2 bags dried Lima beans
1 bag pinto beans
2 bags lentil beans
1/3 bag black beans
1 bag chick peas

2 cans coconut water
3 cans vegetarian beans
2 cans re fried beans
6 cans tomato sauce
1 jug tomato juice
6 cans diced tomatoes
1 can artichoke hearts
1 qt of veg stock

6 bags of instant oatmeal

2 bags peas
2 bags corn
1 bag cauliflower
1 bag green beans
1 bag mixed berries
1 bag strawberries
1/2 bag mixed fruit
handful of cherries
3 slices pineapple

1 bag of apples
4 bananas

5 small potatoes
4 medium onions
2 heads broccoli
1/4 head of red cabbage
1 bag baby carrots

1/4 jar of picante sauce

various spices and flavoring wines/vinegars
almost out of olive oil

and I've never used TVP before-- I'm afraid of it. But I'm thinking with all those beans, I could attempt freezing bean burgers perhaps?

Thanks in advance!
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