heather galaxy (heathergalaxy) wrote in vegancooking,
heather galaxy

Best "Meaty" Veggie Burger Recipe?

Hi folks,

Normally I don't need this kind of help but I'm veganizing Friendly's Cheese BurgerMelt for my housemate tomorrow (note: I will not be eating this).

Sooooo, I've looked in my cookbooks (60+) and online (including the recipes tagged here) and I haven't really discovered a good veggie burger recipe that I'd really want to use yet. I can, of course, make something up (and I probably will), but I was wondering if any of you all fabulous people might tell me what you've done before.

You can also suggest stuff in cookbooks... I have already looked at Veganomicon, Cozy Inside, Vegetarian Meat & Potatoes, and a few others (that wound up not having any burger recipes).

Thank you!
Tags: substitutes-meat-burgers
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