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Weekly-Cooking Nutrition-Wise and fennel seed

Two questions here:

First, the quick one. When you use fennel seed in a recipe, do you grind it up first? Cause I've only ever seen it in seed form. Logically, it would seem like it should be ground, but recipes seem to just call for it whole. So I've always wondered.

Second, I am now working two jobs, so I am out of the house from 8 am until well after 10 pm. I have started cooking meals for at least a week, usually two, on Sundays, which are my only free days. But since I am now planning my meals, I want to make them fantastic. Not just to make people at my work jealous of my wonderful food, which they kind of already are, but to make sure that I'm eating healthy. My general plan is one noodle dish, one quinoa dish, and maybe a bean dish, although the third meal may vary more depending on what I feel like making. Does that seem to kind of sound alright? Breakfast is usually a waffle or toast with peanut butter, and for lunch I make giant fruit smoothies with a soy yogurt and flax seeds. I just want to make sure that a month from now I'm not feeling completely run down from bad nutrition or hating all the food that I make.
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