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Radish Greens

My garden this year has been a huge disappointment due to my complete inexperience and poor soil quality, but I have managed to get a (very few) veggies so far.  Tonight I got 4 radishes (whee, yes, 4!  haha).

Since I'm getting so few veggies I really want to make the most of the ones that have grown.  I ate the radishes because radishes are awesome, but I put the greens in the fridge because I have no idea whether I really want to eat them.  They seem engineered by nature to deter that very thing.  They feel kind of prickly, almost like they're covered in sharp fuzz.  I've read that "you just use them like you do other greens" but... what about this prickly-leaf texture?  Ack.  

Ideas for what to do with these?  Do you even eat radish greens?  It never even occurred to me until the girl at the nursery where I bought the seeds was like "Ooh I love radish greens in salads!!"  And now that I remember how spiny these leaves are I can hardly imagine someone eating them in a salad.  Maybe there's a way to get rid of the prickles?

And I'm surprised how many greens came off of just 4 radishes.
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