Blake Fraina (blake_fraina) wrote in vegancooking,
Blake Fraina

Ice Cream with Clear Jel

Hopefully, someone on this forum can help me out.

Last summer I checked out a vegan cooking blog and the blogger was experimenting with ice cream recipes. She finally settled on using Barry Farm Clear Jel as a thickener in lieu of the more commonly used arrowroot because, she claimed, it made softer ice cream and tended not to crysallise easily. I bought a 1 lb. bag of the stuff (which is usually used for making jams/jellies, apparently) and just never had a chance to make any ice cream.

Now that I'm ready to roll, I can't for the life of me find the original blog. Does anyone know what blog I'm talking about? If not, does anyone have any ice cream recipes that utilise Clear Jel? I know it can be difficult to work with so I really am hoping to find a recipe that calls for it, rather than just substituting it for the arrowroot in any recipe.

Tags: desserts-ice-cream, thickeners
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