opalnipotent (opalnipotent) wrote in vegancooking,

Soy/rice milk free 'Alfredo' sauce?

I'm looking for a recipe for an Alfredo like sauce that does NOT use soy milk, rice milk, cashews, or lemon juice. (as I'm out of all of those things, and my kids begged me for something like this for dinner tonight)

I DO have tofu (the package doesn't specify if it's silken, and it's currently frozen but thawing, but I am going to hope it is silken, because allll of my other tofu is extra firm), nutritional yeast, corn starch, flours of all kinds, and even some Tofutti cream 'cheese'. I have a bit of Earth Balance left, maybe 1/4 of a cup, and oils. I also have a ton of veggie stock.

I checked the memories, and looked about online, but can't find anything. Does anyone have or know of a way to make this sort of sauce (it doesn't have to be very traditionally Alfredo like, just a creamy white garlic sauce would likely be fine with my family) with what I have on hand?

Tags: ethnic food-italian-pasta, sauces/gravies
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